What do we do?

Because china doesn’t want our waste anymore, more and more waste is burned in the burning ovens. Europe has too little capacity to recycle this burned waste.

In the Netherlands this problem is mostly about plastic business waste. This is because legally consumer plastics have to be processed within Europe. Its estimated that a third of the waste that went to China is now going to other Asian countries. But these Asian countries are notifying our officials that they will be closing up soon too. That means that we’ll have to start processing our own waste.

Clear Polymers is going to help in this change. We are going to invest in processing capacity on all fronts of plastics recycling. Clear Polymers will sort plastic film and process plastic film into regranulate. This regranulate will be used for the manufacturing of new plastic products.

As a relatively new company we are open for other partners in this work field. If you might be interested and you want to discuss the future, please contact us.